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bespoke ride on beva with bespoke traile

Ride On Beva

  • The newly developed BEVA Ride On is ideal for towing Danish Trolleys and other transporting units. Towing up to 480kgs which is approximately four laden Dutch Trolleys

  • It’s user friendly and easy to operate even in confined spaces

  • With safety in mind without impeding productivity the Ride On BEVA reaches 3.5mph

  • The regenerative braking system ensures complete safety at all times having a transaxle unit c/w electromagnetic brake

  • The unit’s powered by two 12 volt batteries. There's an on board charger unit and when fully charged the battery will last an eight hour working day at 50% duty cycle

  • Towing attachments to suit Dutch Trolley are available

  • All electric vehicles can be customised to suit your requirements. These vehicles are designed and built in our Boston factory. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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